Chuck Prophet Plays Tingewick Matinee show

This is a guilty secret. Myself and photographer cohort Richard Ecclestone decided to ask pemission to film this performance as his European Tour rolled through the English countryside. With a view of getting some nice footage that would make everyone happy. I am a longtime fan of Chuck’s music having followed him in Green on Red and other collaborations… so was delighted when the UK manager said yes. Everyone at the venue were super, and over 90mins of the concert were captured. This is the first song.

Canon DSLRs and some Nikon camera I was reviewing for the Register Hardware ( were ‘roving’ with a AVCHD gaffered to the wall, and my trusty XH-A1 capturing back of room and audience audio. Direct outs into the Zoom R16 means I have a reasonable mix to play with.

I will get back to this, but it is something to enjoy. Love this music.

Some feedback here


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