Video Work

Mapex video @ The Jazz Cafe London with Will Stokes

Another video with Will, this time @ a venue I have spent many a soundcheck hanging around. The Jazz Cafe in Camden.

Incredibly helpful soundman on the day produced 2 414’s and a beta for the kick – so saved me having to use my perfectly adequete Red5’s… The idea is to get a real sound, so hopefully that is the case.

Several DSLR’s dotted round the room with some GoPro’s in there too.

Edit in Edius which did everything – including the levels on the raw mics….

Mapex video @ The 12Bar with Will Stokes

Shot in 12 Bar Club in London during July. Great to work with Will, who had a terrible time getting to us, having lost his van keys!

Canon 5d MkII, a 550d and Mr Havard’s 600d upstairs plus some GoPros… once through with my own microphone’s!

Edit in Edius, titles fly on and off and colouring all done within – with type made up in PShop

Spike Edney shows some love for his live ‘Queen’ rig

Last minute – like ‘what are you doing this afternoon James?’ dash to Hammersmith Odeon to meet one of the all time unsung heroes of the session and touring landscape of the last 3 maybe 4 decades…. Spike Edney.

Shot with the usual 5d MkII and 550d with a GoPro for braces… Zoom R16 picking up the outs on the keys. Korg re-did the edit in house.

Fantastic to hear someone play those riffs in from of you. I had rather a big grin behind the camera.

Doug Aldrich demos the Marshall JMD:1 amp for Music Radar

Filmed and edited a good while ago, found this posted on the Music Radar site recently.

Shot at ┬áNevada Music Warehouse. I was really there for Brian Tichy who was doing his all time favourite Bonham beats, but got this too because it was a Marshall do, and Natal Drums are part of that family. 2 or 3 canon’s and a go pro that I don’t think I used any of. Audio through a SM57 on the cab and a tie clip that had to be ‘ducked’ everytime he played something. Nice that someone commented on how well it sounded beneath the video. That never happens ­čÖé