Video Work

Abbey Road Studios and Yamaha CFX

Promotional video for Yamaha, filmed in Abbey Road Studios London. Highlighting the fact that the world famous recording studios had chosen the instrument that would live and work in Studio 2. Shot with multiple DSLR’s and certain cranes etc for the closeups/detail on the instrument.


Luke Solomon for Future Music/Steinberg feature

Shot and turned round pretty quick for new Future Music Youtube channel. They are going to be putting a lot of content up every week. So very happy to be a (small) part of that new direction! Shot with multiple Canon DSLR’s, a GoPro2 and something else on the screen. Audio into Tascam – getting both clean track and vocal.

Shuffler – Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick / Alphabet St

One of many great tracks recorded at this session in a great studio with a great engineer. Brilliant group made up of some of the UK’s best session players. Multicam with Canon DSLR’s, dusted off my old Canon XH-A1 (going direct into a laptop however) and a Nikon DSLR in the very capable hands of Jon Phillips. Love the smiles and the joy these players have at making a track sound just right.

Young Drummer of the Year Competition Promo

Mike Dolbear and Ade Holbrook’s brilliant Young Drummer of the Year competition. Giving the ten finalists a chance to perform on a big stage and get to meet and learn from top US/UK professional musicians. Took a feed (SD) from the cams feeding the rear projection as well as multiple DSLR’s around the kits. Audio direct from the desk into the XH-A1 at the back of the hall. Interview mics were the Giant Squid into Yamaha Pocketrak & the fantastic HHB Flashmic, with a cardioid head – very handy for noisy situations. Very happy to have grabbed a Cambridge United hero in Dion Dublin afterwards too!

Jools Holland with his Yamaha Piano

The very professional and all round good egg, Jools Holland does his own brand of an instument demonstration on his go-to keyboard for writing and arranging. Filmed in the ‘live’ room of his studio in South London. Overhead camera picking up screen (XH-A1) with Canon DSLR’s picking up hands and a wide shot. Audio recorded directly into a Zoom R16 along with the vocal. Mixed and dipped as he was monitoring quite loud from the inbuilt speakers.

GAVIN HARRISON Protean Signature Snare

Trousers, excuses, pies and misdemeanors

Quick Film we made for Sonor Drums at Gavin’s house. Audio recorded and mixed by Gavin himself. Apart from the control room – where the kit is always mic’d up – Gavin’s studio has incredibe echo. To get round that we had to close mic with a decent cardioid mic, which unfortunately is in shot. Edited on Edius, filmed with Canon DSLR’s for the 2013 NAMM show.

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