Abbey Road Studios and Yamaha CFX

Promotional video for Yamaha, filmed in Abbey Road Studios London. Highlighting the fact that the world famous recording studios had chosen the instrument that would live and work in Studio 2. Shot with multiple DSLR’s and certain cranes etc for the closeups/detail on the instrument.


Jools Holland with his Yamaha Piano

The very professional and all round good egg, Jools Holland does his own brand of an instument demonstration on his go-to keyboard for writing and arranging. Filmed in the ‘live’ room of his studio in South London. Overhead camera picking up screen (XH-A1) with Canon DSLR’s picking up hands and a wide shot. Audio recorded directly into a Zoom R16 along with the vocal. Mixed and dipped as he was monitoring quite loud from the inbuilt speakers.

Paul Carrack Feature for Yamaha Commerical Audio

This was up on the Yamaha site, but now this link comes from mine. Karl (Producer) kept going back to this till we had some great quotes from Paul (filmed 6 months after the event) as well as his crew on the day. All shot EOS 5D MkII and probably all audio through my Giant Squid Lapel into Pocketrak.

Jupp (Elbow) interview with Yamaha. Part 1 – “Being in Elbow”

As it says the charming drummer Richard Jupp from Elbow talks about where he and the band are at, just before the release of their latest album – Build a Rocket Boys! filmed at Blueprint studios.

There are 5 pats to the interview. Following the youtube link will take you to the other ones. Hosted by youtube from Yamaha Download’s account.

Shot on 2x Canon DSLR’s with some GoPro footage in emergencies. Audio into a R16. Unfortunately didn’t have access to the drum mics… so had to do it on the fly with a couple of NT55’s

Dave Weckl Introduces New Yamaha PHX Kit

Here Dave Weckl demonstrates the new Phoenix Drums. Shot in Manchester on a tour he was doing in the UK. Managed to fit in a bit of time for an interview and some playing before the doors opened. Four cameras, Canon XH-A1 with SG Pro 2 doing the close ups at the front and sides, HG-10 doing long shot (AVCHD) and 2 DV cameras, the mighty Transmedia Sound boys lent me, one on an overhead and one clamped for the footwork.

Through Edius having transcoded the AVCHD to a HQ file.. so I could actually edit it! Resize in Virtualdub, and Flix to FLV 512k /160 mp3

It resides here… the Yamaha Drums UK site