Doug Aldrich demos the Marshall JMD:1 amp for Music Radar

Filmed and edited a good while ago, found this posted on the Music Radar site recently.

Shot at ┬áNevada Music Warehouse. I was really there for Brian Tichy who was doing his all time favourite Bonham beats, but got this too because it was a Marshall do, and Natal Drums are part of that family. 2 or 3 canon’s and a go pro that I don’t think I used any of. Audio through a SM57 on the cab and a tie clip that had to be ‘ducked’ everytime he played something. Nice that someone commented on how well it sounded beneath the video. That never happens ­čÖé


Max Helyer from You Me At Six with the VOX Series 55 Guitar

A quick interview at soundcheck, this time at the Hammersmith Apollo in London. Max very generously gave us time before the show to talk about his new favourite thing….

Shot again with Canon DSLRs and a GoPro for the wide shot that doesn’t really get a look in. Audio from a Rode NT55 stuck way at the back of the stage where the AC30 was. Tie clip on Max- ┬áDPA4061 recorded into R16

Dave Weckl Introduces New Yamaha PHX Kit

Here Dave Weckl demonstrates the new Phoenix Drums. Shot in Manchester on a tour he was doing in the UK. Managed to fit in a bit of time for an interview and some playing before the doors opened. Four cameras, Canon XH-A1 with SG Pro 2 doing the close ups at the front and sides, HG-10 doing long shot (AVCHD) and 2 DV cameras, the mighty Transmedia Sound boys lent me, one on an overhead and one clamped for the footwork.

Through Edius having transcoded the AVCHD to a HQ file.. so I could actually edit it! Resize in Virtualdub, and Flix to FLV 512k /160 mp3

It resides here… the Yamaha Drums UK site

Roland Fantom G Demonstration for Global Site

Jem Godfrey demos Fantom
Jem Godfrey demos Fantom My content is from Video 4

Shot in Studio 2 @ Sphere Studios in London, this was my first attempt at getting a ‘live’ demo across. Jem Godfrey had seen the product before but we were pushed for time and had no real time to rehearse. Still it rocks along and gets his enthusiasm across.

Filmed with a XH-A1 HDV into Cinefom through Prem 2.0. Audio handled though the very nice preamps in the desk in the background…..