Ecki – Sings Love is a Losing Game in Enham

Another one – this time an Amy Winehouse song…

Same encoding except out of Edius4 having done the FX and audio ,ix on timeline – out to HDV Express plugin to M2t file (Canon 25F) version. Through Procoder3 to the H264 Mpeg4 640×480 mono 1 Pass

And this is what it looks like from


Ecki – Sings Bob

Pretty pleased with the close mic’ing and the sound we got…This the one from Youtube. So encoded by their servers into Flash MX automatically. (200k/s). But the input was a 1 pass MPEG4 640×340 (H264)- audio 128/44hz  Mono (44mb)

Trying to get close to 1mbps. So it should look nice….

and the scaled down one from – do click on it to see the full res. Which you can download off the site too.