Doug Aldrich demos the Marshall JMD:1 amp for Music Radar

Filmed and edited a good while ago, found this posted on the Music Radar site recently.

Shot at ┬áNevada Music Warehouse. I was really there for Brian Tichy who was doing his all time favourite Bonham beats, but got this too because it was a Marshall do, and Natal Drums are part of that family. 2 or 3 canon’s and a go pro that I don’t think I used any of. Audio through a SM57 on the cab and a tie clip that had to be ‘ducked’ everytime he played something. Nice that someone commented on how well it sounded beneath the video. That never happens ­čÖé


Total Guitar finally put Mark Morton from Lamb of God up

Shot in Bristol ages back, Mark Morton shows how to get real low on Dropped D Tuning.

Shot in a time before DSLR’s with a Canon XH-A1 with a SG-Pro on the front, and a handycam getting the close ups…

and this one too about alternate picking… lovely bloke, simple when you know how…

Steph Carter of Gallows talks to Vox about his guitars

Steph Carter talks about his guitars at Snowdome in Milton Keynes. They are playing some rather choice venues on this tour. First time I had shot anything in that venue. Usual DSLR cameras along with a GoPro strapped to his headstock for one shot. Getting alot of use out of that little wonder