Mac DeMarco – Eating Like A Kid (Roland Sessions)

I must admit I hadn’t heard of Mac before I walked into this rented flat he had in Shoreditch. Jamie @ Roland has a brilliant eye for; and super way with; Artists, that means he gets opportunities to get unreleased content like this. Shot and edited basically the same day. Edius for the visuals and Sonar for some mixing of the audio. Into the Tascam DR-40 from a Rode NT1a, and a Red5 dynamic mic hanging over the cute amp.


Luke Solomon for Future Music/Steinberg feature

Shot and turned round pretty quick for new Future Music Youtube channel. They are going to be putting a lot of content up every week. So very happy to be a (small) part of that new direction! Shot with multiple Canon DSLR’s, a GoPro2 and something else on the screen. Audio into Tascam – getting both clean track and vocal.

Young Drummer of the Year Competition Promo

Mike Dolbear and Ade Holbrook’s brilliant Young Drummer of the Year competition. Giving the ten finalists a chance to perform on a big stage and get to meet and learn from top US/UK professional musicians. Took a feed (SD) from the cams feeding the rear projection as well as multiple DSLR’s around the kits. Audio direct from the desk into the XH-A1 at the back of the hall. Interview mics were the Giant Squid into Yamaha Pocketrak & the fantastic HHB Flashmic, with a cardioid head – very handy for noisy situations. Very happy to have grabbed a Cambridge United hero in Dion Dublin afterwards too!

Jools Holland with his Yamaha Piano

The very professional and all round good egg, Jools Holland does his own brand of an instument demonstration on his go-to keyboard for writing and arranging. Filmed in the ‘live’ room of his studio in South London. Overhead camera picking up screen (XH-A1) with Canon DSLR’s picking up hands and a wide shot. Audio recorded directly into a Zoom R16 along with the vocal. Mixed and dipped as he was monitoring quite loud from the inbuilt speakers.

Mapex video @ The Jazz Cafe London with Will Stokes

Another video with Will, this time @ a venue I have spent many a soundcheck hanging around. The Jazz Cafe in Camden.

Incredibly helpful soundman on the day produced 2 414’s and a beta for the kick – so saved me having to use my perfectly adequete Red5’s… The idea is to get a real sound, so hopefully that is the case.

Several DSLR’s dotted round the room with some GoPro’s in there too.

Edit in Edius which did everything – including the levels on the raw mics….

Howard Jones & Nik Kershaw ‘Wouldn’t It Be Good’ – LIVE in 2008

Filmed at London’s Indig02 arena in 2008 and taken from the Howard Jones 25th Anniversary DVD which I (ahem) directed and edited. Mostly shot on Sony EX1’s or EX3’s. We were supposed to be getting the HD feed from the house video mixer too, but that didn’t happen on the night. So it tends to chop about a bit. Edited in Edius on a Multicam timeline mostly.