Craig Potter of Elbow talks about his new Korg SV-1

Up to Manchester to spend some time with Craig at BluePrint Studios. They are building a HUGE live room upstairs. This was filmed for Korg UK.  He many outlines what he likes about the classic sounds and effects of the New Keyboard, as well as playing some short snatches of Elbow tracks and Santana! Shot with Canon XH-A1 25F and hybrid 35mm adaptor/HDcam. Audio from his rig and DPA 4061 Clip.


Björn Ågren of Razorlight Interview & Video

Björn Sten Ågren
Björn Sten Ågren

Myself and grace went to Black Island Studios in London to meet up with Razorlight, and specifically Bjorn.

He happily posed for photographs before the band launched into a 30 minute set for the roadies and us. Afterwards we got a short video with him explaining why he loves his Vox gear.

Yamaha Promo – Cann Twins

Short Promo for Yamaha. Delightful Claire and Toni talk about the pianos they are using as Duo Pianists then play a short classical piece. Filmed in a beautiful church in Chrishall, Hertfordshire. It is now ‘LIVE’ on the Yamaha worldwide site here. Their website is here.

Canon XH-A1 SGPro 2 HDV 25f – Canopus HQ Timeline

2nd Camera was a Panasonic DMC-FX35 recording 720p

Virtual dub resize to 520×288, On2 to VP6