U2 Guitar Tech Dallas Schoo and ‘that’ sound

Really enjoyed meeting Dallas, and it was clear that this was a labour of love to get his ‘boss’ the sound he needs every time. Shot at a studio in North London where the band were finishing up recording their latest album.
5DMK11 and the 550d on closeups. Audio recorded into AT Pro70 Lapel into R16 (which also took a mic (Red5 RVD9) from in front of the AC30 Hybrid). Edited as ever in Edius, with some brutal edit decisions by Dave Clarke at Korg UK. ‘Gotta be under 3 minutes!’
A very nice afternoon spent well.


Jem Godfrey Demos Korg Kronos

The wonderful biscuit loving keyboard wizard Jem Godfrey takes Korg’s new 9 engined workstation for a spin round the block.

Filmed at Wise Buddah Studios in London at the end of August. Using a couple of DSLR’s with the audio routed to the lovely monitors in the room and my recorder, Jem is wearing my tie-clip of choice (when I can get power to it!) DPA 4061.

Fantastic couple of hours of filming – Jem can just rattle through these things, as he is genuinely passionate and excited about the product.