9 thoughts on “Gary Wallis Talks to Roland Uk

  1. Mr. Ben Stone/ ROLAND UK:

    Thank you… We’re very grateful to you for this amazing interview with our dear Il Divo Musical director; Gary Wallis 😀

    We love you Gary!!

    BTW… Please… just a suggestion; interview Christoph Papendieck… the keyboardist from Hamburg who played at all Schiller concerts… like Gary and had been – amongst other things – director of JEAN-MICHEL JARRE’s concert at the edge of the Egyptian pyramids…. blah blah Oh yes… for almost I forgot… one member of the IL DIVO Band… xD

    Thanks in advanced


  2. It was a veryinteresting interview with Gary, a huge opportunity to know about the musicians who works with so many artist, sadly, they’re not as appreaciated as they’d deserve, because their work is not the “star’s” one, but without the job this kind of musicians do, the huge concerts wouldn’t take place, ever, thanks a lot.

    Sometimes, their careers are bigger and more impressives than some of the artist they’ve co-worked with, as it happened with Gary, he’s worked with so big stars, all around the world

    So, i’d like to request, another interview, like this one, but to another musician who actually has woerked with gary in mostof the opportunities, Chris Papendieck…it’d be amazing to have another interview like Gary’s one, congratulations, the format was absolutely great

  3. How awesome to see this fantastic interview with Gary Wallis. He’s a remarkable musician who gives everything on stage. Please post some more interviews with Gary. He’s a great man, an extraordinary drummer and we could all learn so much from him and his experience.

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More, more, more please!

    By the way, could you guys check the spelling of his name!!!

    Send much love to Gary from his Australian and Swedish fan club! We love him to death.

  4. Gary Wallis is one of the most talented drummers in the world today. What a pity we don’t get to see more interviews like this one with him. So great to get a bit of insight into this great musician’s thought processes. Thank you.

  5. I know how wonderful is because he is my cousin and saw him play his first drum kit at the age of five. I dont see much of him now, only at funerals but when I do, he is still that great nice bloke from south East London. Brilliant drummer – brilliant person but he had to be because he came from good stock.

  6. I am also a cousin and a big fan of Gary…He is a great bloke, kind hearted, great fun and hugely talented. I must also agree with Patricia, as a product of The Aunts…that he certainly did come from good stock…! Keep up the great work Cuz.

  7. Yet another cousin singing Gary’s praises and well deserved they are too.
    Gary is lovely guy and as you can see from this interview he has a great sense of humour and is a huge talent.
    I can still remember first time I saw him play, it was live at The Marquee with The Truth in the 80’s (Ah the good old days)and how proud I was.
    Since then he has established himself as a huge asset within the music Industy, who’s service’s are sought after by Major recording artist’s.
    Sadly I also only ever seem to see Gary at Funerals 😦
    It’s great to see Gary’s achievments aknowledged at last.
    Could’nt happen to a nicer guy.

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